American Flag $ 12.95 USD
$ 12.95 USD

American Flag

ProFlex® for PS4

American Flag

ProFlex® for PS4

God Bless America!

Level up your grip, play longer, protect your PS4 controller and make it look awesome! Show off your support for the United States and rep our popular American Flag PS4 silicone controller skin. This design features the flag's stars and stripes boldly laid across a pure white base.

usa american flag ps4 controller skin

ProFlex® Benefits

You'll love how your DualShock 4 feels in your hand with ProFlex®. Redesigned handles and our soft-touch, anti-sweat surface is perfect for extended gaming sessions. Those with sweaty palms have seen huge benefit. ProFlex® is the most affordable, quickest way to improve your controller's look, grip and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: All orders processed through VGF World (our international website) are expedited from our USA warehouse and will arrive within 3-8 days to UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You won't find faster international shipping anywhere else!

Q: Does the skin slide around?

A: Absolutely not. Our PS4 ProFlex skins are made to fit tightly around the controller. Plus, the skin's silicone layer causes a friction against the controller's plastic material, making it nearly impossible to slide against each other.

Q: How does the skin protect my controller?

A: ProFlex® adds a durable, long-lasting layer of protection to your controller. Much like a phone case, your ProFlex® skin will help absorb impacts from drops and shield it from everyday elements like sweat, dust and scratches.

Q: Do they break easily?

A: Our skins are incredibly durable, and you can stretch and pull them without having to worry about them breaking or snapping apart. This makes putting them on and taking them off quick and easy!

Q: Is my skin unique?

A: Yes, every skin is unique! We use a patented water transfer printing process which means every skin that comes out of production is different than the rest. Your pattern will not be the same as anyone else's, which we think is pretty awesome.

Q: What happens if it gets dirty?

A: ProFlex skins can be easily washed. Just use warm water and soap. After gently washing, use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry it off. Ensure it is completely dry before putting it back onto your controller.

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