April 16, 2019 1 min read

One of the most requested designs throughout 2018 for our ProFlex silicone controller skins was digital camo, and we've delivered! Digital Camo colorways are now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Peep the photos fresh from our production line below 👇

Red Digital Camo

Our staff is totally in love with this one. We used our red base for this design and splashed some pixelated digital camo on top, in shades of black and light burgundy. The combo is dope!

👉 Get Red Digital Camo for Xbox One
👉 Get Red Digital Camo for PS4

Snow Digital Camo (Coming Soon)

Because who doesn't love snow digital camo?! Featuring pixelated shades of white, silver and black splashed across a solid white base.

xbox one digital camo skin controller case

Blue Digital Camo (Coming Soon)

Following up on the success of our "Marine Blue" traditional camo design, we've brought the same style to its digital camo cousin. And we gotta say...it looks amazing! This design features Pixel-style camo of black and light blue on top of a solid, darker blue base.

digital camo xbox one silicone controller skin case cover